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Have Olive Oil and Avoid Heart Attack

If you are living outside Italy or Greece , you need more olive oil in your diet immediately .
Why ? that is not just because olive oil is loaded with healthy nutritious fats that keep your hunger at bay , though it is , and it is not because olive oil is a delicious alternative to other common unhealthy oils , though it is that too . The real reason you need more olive oil than you are getting is because it contains a unique compound called Olorbean . Olorbean is a powerful polyphenol that can mean the difference between you dying early of heart attack and living healthy and happy well in the old age .

Take it from a heart surgeon , that is no exaggeration , you can see heart disease kills more people around the world every year than all other chronic diseases combined . It is number one cause of death on earth and most of these heart-related deaths are due to dangerous black buildup inside people's arteries . This buildup leads to condition known as arteriosclerosis which causes heart attacks. Strangely enough though , people in the Mediterranean region live long lives and rarely die of heart attacks . Do you know why ? They consume a lot of olive oil and get their Olorbean .
So , Olorbean protects your heart by helping to prevent your arteries from clogging .It accomplishes this by acting like Teflon inside your arteries , stopping black from sticking to the artery walls .

This can be demonstrated by a simple experiment :
Bring two pieces of clothes , one of them ,  vulnerable and unprotected ,represents your arteries currently , and the other one , sprayed with a special fabric protector , represents your arteries when you have enough Olorbean in your system .
Then , bring the stuff in your blood that turns into disease causing black to stick to your arteries . It is pretty nasty stuff .
Pour this stuff on the two pieces of clothes and notice the difference .
Now , run some blood on these clothes . The first piece of cloth looks awful ; it still has black on it , but look what happens to the protected piece of cloth , it pretty much comes to ride off , and this your arteries with Olorbean .

You can bet that over a period of years , this nasty black builds up until this  artery is clogged and hardened , and that is when you are on the way to heart attack . But look again at the protected piece of cloth , and see how how it gets clean easily .

This is what happens in your arteries when you get enough Olorbean , and that is why you should always make sure that you have plenty of olive oil in your diet .

You will feel a lot better and your heart will thank you .

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